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Light of Christ Christian Academy

We are a Christ-centered school that is unconditionally committed to doing what’s best for each child. We put students first, every time, because we care for them and we want them to thrive. We believe that each child is a gift from God, full of tremendous potential, and when they are equipped academically and deeply cared for by their teachers, they can do remarkable things.

Light of Christ Christian Academy


We care deeply for our students and will equip them with the resources that they need to thrive, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our school has four guiding principles that shape the culture and practices of our community.


Light of Christ Gilbert Christian School

A Christian education gives children the opportunity to learn about Jesus and find out how deeply loved they really are. Biblical wisdom is also a source of hope for students as they navigate the world around them. Introducing these little ones to Jesus and showing them the love of Christ is, by far, the best gift that we can give.

Parental Support

Light of Christ Gilbert Christian School

Family is at the center of God’s will for society. We will support parents in helping their children to grow in love and faith. We will also help parents to understand the unique, Biblical role that God intends for them to play in the lives of their children, so that the entire family can thrive.

Student Focused

Children are a gift from God, and they thrive in environments that recognize just how precious they are. At each grade-level, we will consider the developmental, academic, spiritual, and social needs of our students, so that we can give them the tools, resources, and love that they need to reach their full potential and prosper, in every area, both inside and outside of school.

Academic Excellence

Light of Christ Gilbert Christian School

God has created us with a desire for truth and knowledge. We are committed to giving students the best education possible: one that sets them up for life-long success and a deep love of learning. We teach our students how to think critically about the world around them, because this will equip them for a lifetime of discovery and enable them to reach their God-given potential.


We want students to thrive

The curriculum at Light of Christ Christian Academy has been hand-selected by a committee of experts with decades of teaching and educational research experience. Grades K-3 are critical years in the life of a child, and we want to provide students with the resources needed to build a solid foundation in core content-areas.  We also understand the importance of critical thinking skills, executive functioning skills, and social/emotional development, and will ensure that students have plenty of opportunities to practice and refine these important skillsets, so that they can thrive inside and outside of school. 

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