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We love Jesus and we love our students! We have a passion for teaching children about the love of Christ, while also providing them with a quality education that will set them up for a lifetime of success. We know that every child, if given the right resources and an optimal learning environment, is capable of doing remarkable things.


It isn’t enough to simply have high expectations for children; they also need the necessary support, encouragement, and resources to meet those expectations.


Our small class sizes mean that each child will be seen, heard, and appropriately supported as they move through the learning process.


Curriculum in grades K-3 is deeply important; it can impact learning outcomes for the duration of a child’s academic career, and quite possibly the rest of their lives. We are acutely aware of this critical window, and we take the responsibility to provide a quality education seriously.

We recognize the tremendous and God-given responsibility we have to serve our students, and to serve them well; to teach them about Jesus, while also giving them the best education possible. Their education belongs to them, it will impact their faith and the trajectory of their lives, it will shape their worldview and how they view themselves, it will affect their confidence, how they think, communicate, and respond to the world around them. This is no small thing. Jesus and students, they are first for us, every single time.

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