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Little things make a big difference

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." -Romans 12:2


At Light of Christ Christian Academy, we see our work as an act of love and service, and this dramatically changes what transpires in our classrooms. Our teachers want every child to truly thrive. This means that our students are excited to come to school, they are engaged in their lessons, and they are learning at a remarkable pace; they experience true joy in the learning process. Our students are singing to Jesus, painting pictures, playing outside, laughing, solving problems, and they are also deeply engaged in their reading, writing, and math lessons. Our teachers love Jesus and have been blessed with a true gift from God to love, serve, and support the children in their classrooms. We are deeply invested in every child here, and it shows.


Curriculum matters, and as a small private school, we have the freedom to put students first and select the best curriculum and resources available; we aren't bound by district decisions and text-book bidding by large corporations. The programs we've chosen aren't based on progressive teaching philosophies or experimental ideas; they utilize methodologies that have stood the test of time and have been proven, over many decades, to equip students with the resources that they need to feel confident and truly succeed. We invite you to read through the "Rationale" portion of our Academics page for more detailed information about the programs that we have thoughtfully selected.


Putting too many children into a classroom can have dramatically negative effects on achievement. We want our students to have every resource available to them; we want them to be seen, heard, and loved. Our small class sizes mean that each child will get the attention and support that they deserve. It also means that our teachers can easily monitor the growth and needs of every child, so that each one is appropriately challenged, based on his/her unique position in the learning process. This is one of the most tangible demonstrations of our unconditional commitment to doing what is best for each and every child.


One of the most powerful mechanisms that a teacher can possess, is the ability to ask meaningful questions: questions that get students to think more deeply, to wonder more fully, and to evaluate more accurately. Students thrive when they can meaningfully participate in every lesson, when they have something to contribute, and when they can grapple through a challenging task. Our teachers integrate critical thinking questions into every lesson, and they also explicitly teach critical thinking skills as part of the daily curriculum. Critical thinking isn't just something that we ask our students to do from time to time, it is part of our culture. Students fall in love with learning when they are given the opportunity to use their minds in the the unique and innovative ways that God has intended.

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