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Tax Credit Scholarships


At Light of Christ Christian Academy, we believe every child should benefit from a Christ-centered education, so we strive to assist families in their efforts. Tuition at Light of Christ Christian Academy can be incredibly affordable as a result of scholarships.

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit offers a unique opportunity for AZ taxpayers to make contributions to the STO organizations, such as the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO), and recommend students at Light of Christ Christian Academy. Taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar AZ State Tax Credit and students receive tuition scholarships. In essence, a tax credit is money that would be paid to the state anyway.

That means that for 2021, a married Arizona taxpayer can give $2,435 to a student at Light of Christ Christian Academy, and if their state tax liability is $2,435 or more, they will receive the entire amount back on their tax return. 

Three Easy Steps to Claim Your Tax Credit:

1. Donate at ACSTO by clicking "Donate" or call 480-820-0403

2. Recommend a specific student or ”Light of Christ Christian Academy"

3. Use your donation receipt to file your state tax return for a dollar-for-dollar credit



For more information or to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with our Financial Administration Manager, Tabitha Branscome, email tabitha@loc-az.org or call 480-818-6164.

Parent Workshops

ACSTO also offers free, individual coaching sessions to parents so that they can better understand how the program works, and ask questions about their specific circumstances. Workshops are offered on-site at ACSTO headquarters (located at Coper and Pecos), or virtually with Zoom.

During the workshop, you will learn: 

  • How the Scholarship Tax Credit Program works

  • What types of scholarships are available

  • How to apply for scholarships

  • ACSTO's award process

  • How to make the program work for you

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